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Healthcare Business Intelligence

We help you unify and structure siloed healthcare databases, and give you tools like visualization and mapping, search and summary to help you get insights from your data.

Our cloud-based offering notifies you when new providers come online, as well as give you dossiers on new and existing provders.

Search, compare and create custom reports about every healthcare provider in the US.
ONC Digital Privacy Notice

Digital Privacy Notice

Mobile Patient Engagement

UPDATE, June 3rd 2014: PatientPrivilege was named Grand Prize winner of the ONC Digital Privacy Notice Competition!

Tired of getting a clip board at your doctor's office with a cryptic description of your privacy rights?

Our entry into Office of the National Coordinator's Digital Privacy Notice competition was written to be mobile-first. The application looks great and works well on any device that has a web browser - iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

This web application follows best practices for creating accessible web applications that can be used by persons with poor or no vision.

Healthcare Cloud

HIPAA Compliant Radiology Cloud Consulting

Patient Privilege's founder, Anatoly Geyfman built the industry's first generally available zero-footprint medical image viewer at DICOM Grid, and went on to lead product development of their award-winning cloud medical imaging exchange product.

Using our extensive experience in imaging, we now help organizations with cloud imaging strategy and implementation, patient engagement and provider portals, as well as imaging integration into EHR systems.

We're not all talk, either. We've built and deployed cloud healthcare applications for a variety of organizations, from large IDNs to emerging startups.

We'd love to talk with you about your cloud imaging strategy.

HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Cloud
Structured data capture for healthcare

Agile Healthcare Interoperability

Integrating the healthcare enterprise

We think that the key to interoperable systems is knowing at which layer of abstraction to begin.

Some systems have a common semantic framework, but need technical interoperability - this is the case with many PACS systems. Other systems need a semantic interoperability layer - such as going between proprietary and standards-based EHR output.

Our strength is to quickly get to the crux of the interoperability challenge and offer pragmatic, quick-to-implement solutions that move the organization forward. Our approach is high velocity and incremental.

We would love to tell you all about our approaches to interoperability, show some of our successes and talk about what we can do for you.

About Us

Based out of Portland, OR, we are a dedicated group of healthcare data junkies and web application specialists.

We come from diverse backgrounds - medicine, statistics, enterprise IT and even social networking.

What brought us together is our desire to improve healthcare through data insights.

Let's work together to transform healthcare.

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